Thursday, January 7, 2010

Could Be Worse - a morning grin ***

Could be worse...

Two men meet on the street who haven't seen each other in 25 years.

One man, Charlie, says to the other, "Joe, how's your wife?"

"Don't mention her name," says Joe. "She divorced me and left me penniless."

"Could be worse," says Charlie. "How's your business?"

"A terrible tragedy," says Joe. "It burned to the ground. My fire insurance expired two days earlier, and I didn't know it. I lost everything."

"Could be worse," says Charlie. "Tell me, how is your son?"

Joe heaved a heavy sigh. "That is the worst tragedy of all. I used to dream that one day my son would be saying, 'I'd like to thank the Nobel Prize Committee.' Instead, he's saying, "You want fries with that?'"

"Could be worse, Joe, could be worse."

At this point, Joe is so upset he can't contain himself.

"Everything I say, you say could be worse, could be worse, could be worse! How could it possibly be worse?"

"Could be happening to me," Charlie replies.

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