Saturday, November 7, 2009

Puzzle to Me ***

"Possible 61 year prison sentence reduced to 33 months" These are the latest headline words.

I don't understand this. Do you? Could I, as just a lowly "useless eater" or you, hope to receive this, being guilty and deserving of a possible 732 month/61 years sentence down to a possible 33 months/less than 3 years? This is a huge reduction. What did Kerik do? 'Bailout' is a word that comes to mind . . .

Ex-NY police chief Kerik in jail

This is truly a shock to me. Then again, I guess not. I and you have been exposed to some shocking news in our lives, especially over the past few years. Makes me think, humanity is fairly resilient; bouncing back for the next punch to our equilibrium.

After I read the biography (or was it an autobiography) of Bernard Kerik, I felt he was a true shining example of our legal system. His badge certainly shone of high polish! It has been a few years since reading the book but from the general gist of it that I have now, yes, he was a very good example of a truly devoted police officer to his station in life; a high station as a law officer.

He climbed higher before apparently falling. Seems that he now has a tarnished halo in the minds of those who so admired the man, Bernard Kerik.

The story of this man's fall is told everywhere now. It wasn't at the beginning - the first I read about it came from the news source, Why and how is it that we here in the US do not know of things going on right under our nose but those in other countries hear it first? This makes me think, possibly, that our news media are being manipulated, tethered much. Could you believe this also?

Ha! What else do we "not know" today? And will I learn of what I don't know in a foreign newspaper? It's a puzzle to me.

Nevertheless, this is Kerik's business to deal with and having nothing positive to interject into my life (the book-his story did) I refuse to read anything else about it.

I read news, don't get me wrong. But there are times that I just have to back away from the blasts of it and go back into my hidey-hole here beside my gentle creek. Bad news does nothing good for my soul and life. Besides I, like you, have enough "bad news" in personal life and not needing to take on the worry of a once top-position guy.

Today his former shoes have been filled by another. I'm sad for Mr. Kerik but also realize: we create our life and its such a narrow path we tread. I, myself, have fallen off the path often.

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