Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weird Habit? You Could Say So ***

"jinksy" from Napple Notes (on your left), one I follow from my blog list, joggled (Ah, new word, Mr. Webster) my head just now, making me remember something I wanted to say awhile back.

I have somewhat become attached to the 'Next Blog' action - shown just above my blog. While relaxing I will browse and, when finding one in my language and it looks interesting, I begin reading. After months and months of reading other blogs and being confused quite often, I realized what must be done to remedy the confusion. Start at the beginning post on a blog - imperative if you want to have the complete picture. Go to the bottom of the archive. Finding the last month, clicking it brings you to all posts for that first blogging month; then you have to work your way backwards to the very first post.

Sometimes it is aggravating having to "go backward". I wonder why the Blog Factories can't arrange for our blogs to be easier to navigate. I have seen (a very few) blogs where the Archive lists first month's posts first and I think, "why can't I get mine to do this?".

But doing something backwards isn't always 'bad', I might say. In the beginning of my sixty years of reading I could get very involved in the plot, the scene, the whole shebang and get impatient for the surprise ending. Ooooh, at the age of eight I remember the suspense of the Nancy Drew mysteries. (Gosh, no wonder I still today have a clenched stomach and knotted nerves all over my body!) One day I realized, "I'm in control of this read" and I turned to the back - the last page.

This little habit, which sometimes caused disappointment for my reading of front to back, grew and grew. Today, I can actually get more understanding from a news article, a true story or directions, recipe, whatever, when I start with reading the last paragraph and going backwards for a few. Then I go to the beginning, thus making better sense to me.

Guess I like to know the end result before I begin the journey to that end result. You say weird? Yup, I'll agree with you. But it sure works for me and saves me time and using or killing a few brain cells. Uh, I wonder if this has any connection to dyslexia?

Go ahead, give me your comment - I learn from them. . . but please be nice; I'm such a sensitive soul and also: I have a bad headache at the moment. Ha, ha. :>)

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