Monday, October 26, 2009

Should We Kill the Messenger? Or... ***

A few days ago I posted a link. It was posted only to give you another side of an issue that is prominent in society's mind today - the issue of vaccines. Shouldn't one have all sides, all information before making a decision about anything. The messenger on this link has been cut down - quickly!  I too.

For thirty nine years I have learned, known and used alternative health methods and can with complete honesty say they helped and never harmed in any way; no telling what condition I would be in today without chiropractic - yet, steven barrett, a psychiatrist and owner of Quackwatch puts it down too. He, being in a medical profession, I would and could not expect any less of him. Nevertheless, chiropractic now has a good reputation as beneficial.

I am well aware there is much disinformation to be gotten through the media and as I said before, I sift and investigate. I would expect no less of anyone. Apparently that is not enough. The messenger of the video has been blackballed. So I deleted my post to that link. I certainly don't want to guide or influence anyone wrongly. So each one must do what he feels is right.

Also, with very few visitors or readers to my blog, I can feel relief that not many read and followed the post's video link and were "mis-steered".

This experience has helped me conclude: Don't try to help; keep quiet about your truth, feel guilt when death arrives or a child rarely speaks. In defeat, I say: Que serra, serra ( What will be will be).

My apology to you if you think it was tainted information. Don't kill the messenger only because you don't understand or believe the message. Seems this happened another time, around two thousand years ago, didn't it? Between then and now, it was also believed the earth was flat!

A final question: Is mercury a constituent of the healthy human body?

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