Saturday, August 29, 2009

Essiac Tea - Cancer, Other Ailments ***

If you have read any of my recent postings, you will recall that I wrote of my brother having cancer. When I first learned of this, my mind was a complete shutdown of past knowledge that I gained a few years ago of ways to rid the body of cancer.

Whether A's has progressed too far or if he will take advantage of the information I have, I do not know. It can be of benefit to those of you or ones you may know of, so I want to pass it on to you.

Some years ago I learned the Rene Caisse story and about Essiac Tea and bought some but hesitated making it, thinking of the likely bitter taste. Finally, after finding a large stainless pot (absolutely necessary)to brew a full gallon, which requires 4 oz. of the herbs, I brewed. Many wild herbs are bitter - Essiac isn't; in fact, it is very bland and easy to take. I drank 2 oz twice daily. It helped greatly in my overall conditions.

There are many ailments that this tea will help. Here is a toll free number 1-888-568-3036 you can call and get a free booklet (several pages) with much good information in it; or write for it at PO 278, Crestone, CO 81131. Call and ask for the Essiac Tea book.

Here you will find more information:

Response of one company on the current situation: I'm sorry to hear that your brother has been dealing with such a serious issue. I would like to tell you that essiac tea will indeed rid the body of cancer but I'm not allowed to make such a claim. The US Government won't allow us to say anything positive about essiac tea except that it is a herbal supplement.

Note: drug companies, FDA, medical system = big $$$. Why would "They" promote herbal therapies that cost so little and are no profit to them?

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