Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Message From Another ***

The passage below I read on Nancy's blog "Where in the World is Mrs. Smith". She is writing from Japan; she is traveling the country. I'm certain she wouldn't disapprove of my passing it on to you also. An important message.

Hiroshima ... click there
"I don't think I've ever hit the wall of broken humanity quite the way I did today. I've come face to face with my own brokenness, but never fallen humanity like this. Hiroshima. We visited the museum and the memorials today. The museum is quite graphic - showing pictures of burned bodies, shelled buildings, radiation disease. And why? War. Why? You can rationalize all day long if you want, but the upshot is, we will continue to do these horrible things to each other as long as the world is without hope. Nations will continue to oppress and abuse their people; leaders will continue to gain more and more power despite the cost to their people; individuals will continue to harbor their pain and display it through hatred and prejudice and anger and violence.There's only one answer for what I saw today. I am more and more a pacifist as I grow and see more of the world and its people and I am more and more aware of Who brings that peace that passes understanding . . ."

A very humbling message for all. It is past time that we each change ourself but never too late. When the last one reaches the resolve in his heart 'to be' peace, then all will be well.

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