Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Gorgeous Day Has Ended ***

Here I have complete silence once again. Its fairly chilly outside I found when I took the Dog Children out for their last Go and now they lie unconscious beside the heater. The traffic is nil, unless I have gotten more deaf today from so much of it passing and that is easily possible. The dogs sure were vocal the whole day long; that is, between huge feasts and napping rests. Looking out several times I could see nothing possibly interesting to bark at, just the creek flowing by. Cars went by on Creekbank Road occasionally, which they silently watched.

This highway has been busy, busy, busy the livelong day. If I heard one motorcycle, I heard a thousand and one with a million vehicles interspersing. People in Stoney Creek are partial to trucks, it seems. I dare say there are three trucks to each car that passes by. Motorcycle clubs must be profuse around east Tennessee. The noise they make is horrible but one might as well adjust to the sounds of them any given weekend that the weather is nice. So it was today. It got up to 70 and will be even warmer tomorrow. I'd give anything if I lived up in a nice quiet hollow but....

I had so many things planned to accomplish and did nothing. Exhaustion from yesterday walking the dogs several times had me to the point I could barely move about. The idea walking them would help my stamina just blew up in smoke. Any minute my neck threatened to screech loudly from pain. So I moved about very cautiously. Every day I think about a chiropractic adjustment, but knowing they last about as long as it takes me to drive home and get inside. Something was causing the feet much pain. Gout maybe? Must get back on the Montmorancy Cherry capsules. They work wonders for gout.

The jonquils didn't burst into bloom today as I thought would happen. Maybe by morning. The sky is clear so I expect no rain Sunday. We'll see. There were a few chemtrails X-ing the sky earlier but I just now stepped out and they have disappeared. And the moon is heading toward full shortly. Can you believe a week of March is now gone. Two more and spring will be here officially. I only notice how time flies during the warmer months. Its almost unbelievable the way nice days rush past us; at least for me they seem to. I think its just the fact that the older I get, the faster the countdown goes.

Last night I waited for hours for Tommy to show up with his dogs. He requested the use of the kennel for them. But he never showed. When he does though, I expect Frances will quickly put her home on the market at a low price just to escape the noise pollution that will come from her next door neighbor (Me), for my two and his two will be mouthing at each other constantly. I surely hate to see an animal confined in any manner but what can one do since there is so much danger for them.

I meant to search today on the internet for the cost of an invisible fence. Last time I priced one locally, it was $3000 but that was 20 years ago. Anna tells me one is about $200 now. I hope. Otherwise, I haven't come up with a solution of safety for them yet. Maybe I made a big mistake getting these four legged children but with the many problems already occurring, they still are a pleasure underfoot. A clatter from the kitchen has them rushing to my side, then intense stares and totally motionless except for the tail. I wonder where they are putting all this food!

Be sure you start your Sunday with the clock set back an hour. Ha, I have one hanging so high on the wall I can never climb to reset it, so it is in sync with the other clocks part of the year anyway. I'd break a leg or neck climbing a ladder these days.

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