Friday, February 27, 2009

What is a Real Man? ***

Just sitting here browsing online tonight, I saw a headline "Real Men Go to T - - -" , along with a picture of a 'combat ready' appearing individual. I didn't read but two lines, clicking out of it for it was about one who willingly would go and fight, willing to harm another human being. I don't think this is a Real Man! In my lifetime I've heard some guys described (usually by another 'real man' type) as "He's a Real Man" and that so-called real man usually has one or more unsavory traits: ie. a macho/Ego, gungho to go, a thick veneer of obnoxiousness, domineering, overly powerful and overpowering, usually overbearing, loud mouth, nasty language, tends to be aggressive, unkind to others except his "good buds", unkind to animals, women, children, can hold his "Brew"and his own! Most of the time or within time, I find those real men are really cowards.

Just because a human has much testosterone is no reason he must be uncivilized, which I consider anyone who is willing to fight or acts aggressively. My definition of a Real Man is definitely not one who willingly would go into combat. To be a real man, I must see good qualities such as kindness and consideration for all others. He is mannerly in all his encounters, quiet, intelligent, gives a willing hand to others without question, respects all life, shows kindness to all-humans and animals alike. He is willing to stand up for what is right without a show of aggressiveness, shows appreciation for help from others, never deceitful, is not cowardly, has no need to prove anything.

We have lived in a society far too long that consists of many so-called "real men", even some so-called "real women" with the same traits of the "real men" and where are we today? A very aggressive society exists in great part. We trample, kill, put down, show inconsideration for any who we consider 'weak'. I feel it is time we learn to be real men and women and only have kindness for each other. After all, what we put out mirrors back to us and either direction we go or attitude we show only escalates over time. It is long past time that we stop and refuse to fight each other. Human beings are the only specie that fights and kills for reasons other than survival.

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