Surrounded by Mountains

Surrounded by Mountains
Mt. Mitchell

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Einstein - One Smart Fellow

Borrowed from coyoteprime's  blog: http://runningcauseIcan'tfly  for he is a smart and sharp fellow too.  Always posting stuff to make us open our eyes.  His blog is NEVER about himself; only for OUR learning and benefit.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Quilt : Finished

Below are pictures of the quilt I made this winter for Lane, my great-grandson, who is now 3years + 3 months old.  I named it.  "Quilt of Many Colors"  (see December's post) then decided to call it "A Happy Quilt".  It certainly does have many colors and hundreds of scraps of different and several types of fabric.  Lane wanted a fleece blanket bound with satin but this didn't fit in with my idea; yet I did add a few scraps of fleece and a few pieces that feel silky.  Hopefully, he will be happy with the results.  I want him to experience the 'feel' of the many fabrics.  The idea for designing it comes from a long ago memory of a quilt my grandmother made and gave to my Markie, when he was about 2 1/2 years old.  She used wool and silky scraps and lots of colorful blanket stitch around each piece.  Grandmother "Mussie"/Mary died in '59.  My brother died in March 2012 (see past posts).  Whatever happened to his quilt, I don't know but it has always remained strongly in my mind.  I loved it!  I also envied his possession.  I was only 4 years old but I knew luxurious beauty! To this very day, I love combinations of many colors.
Last November 12th I went shopping for some quilt batting in preparation to finish a top I'd pieced several years ago.  Finding a new type far different than what I'd ever used or seen, I decided to buy the yardage I needed.  Also saw a small amount on another roll, so I checked it out, then and there thinking "small quilt".  Bought it and enough yardage for the full size top mentioned above.
The lining is tightly compacted and sturdy, so I began by placing a scrap onto it, then another and another, thus continuing until the whole lining was covered.  Each piece had the edges either turned under a quarter inch and pressed or overlapped with the next piece.   After finishing this stage of construction, I then highlighted and outlined each individual piece with decorative stitches using several strands of contrasting embroidery thread.  Some pieces are 3/4"; most are 2" or 3" scraps.
This project was started November 13, 2013 and finished February 24th.  My plan was to give it to Lane at Christmas (2 months past due, eh?)  I worked hours each day, a few days as much as 10 long hours, only missing 4 days & not quilting.  So I have invested over three months and many hundreds of hours into making it.
I am quite pleased but worn out and yes, without a doubt, I'm totally burned out, with no desire to ever tackle a job such as this quilt again or else only work in spells on a next one (although my time is getting short, I realize).  It measures 39' x 60".  I hand stitched ever inch of it.  My hands will never return to a normal state! They hurt continuously now, especially the thumbs.  
It is big enough to cover his youth bed but too large to carry about as he wanders about each day.  This is the type he was expecting, since he has literally worn out his "Feece and Sa Tun" one. as he pronounces the words. 
Some little ones suck on a 'mouth plug' for security and contentment.  Some hang onto a stuffed animal.  Lane wagged his ragged blanket along wherever he went.  He will have to get another "waggin' bankie" from another source.
There are a great many pieces. 

1000  tacks!  100% Cotton. It only looks wrinkled when hanging here on the clothes line.

The red piece in the middle is a scrap from a dress made by my aunt Louise for my daughter when she was 2  and 1/2 yrs. old.  She is almost 54 now and this piece is very strong still.

Bottom left quarter view

Another quarter view
Lane's full name is embroidered here, so he can always claim it as his if it gets misplaced.

 a third quarter


Watching the Eagles

At  9:01 am she arose from the nest and immediately started feeding her baby with the leftover catch from last evening's meal.  Watching was a most delightful experience for me. 

I found this live cam yesterday located in Rome, Georgia

Within short minutes the male parent arrived with a food catch; dropped it and the two parents spent a couple minutes eating and sharing with the one baby, then suddenly the eagle that had protected the baby during the night, rose up on her feet, spread her wings and was gone from view.  I wondered where she was going; probably a time out and a rest from her caretaking all night.  Meanwhile, the male was working at re-placing a small limb to another area of the nest.  I watched in awe. 

Give or take another two minutes and the other eagle was back with a large fish, immediately started eating on the head, her beak covered in fresh blood.

Now it is 9:24 am and one has again left, the other is back on the nest, covering the young one.  Yet she is continuing to eat of the fresh meat.  I see that the fish is one third gone.

9:27 am  She is again on her feet, pulling bits of meat off and feeding it to the baby eagle. Two minutes later and she has again settled down over her baby.  The fish is more than half gone now and several scraps of the black furred animal catch are scattered by the nest within her reach and she is eating while she wriggles her body into a better position over the chick.

9:33 am  She is all settled in now, working at bits of nesting material/pine needles and keeping a close, silent watch all around for predators  .... I imagine - what else?

Folks, I hope you will watch this live cam of the nesting eagles at Berry College in Georgia also, for I can say it has been a most wonderful experience for me.  As I came out of my trance watching for 30 minutes, I realized how tense my body was from sitting here, not daring to move a muscle in case I missed any of the activity on this nest of two most gorgeous wild creatures.  My heart was thumping so fast with the excitement, the suspense of their next move.  All I have to say is Wow, what an experience I've had this morning. Go, go, go; you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Day's Ramblings

Sitting here battling a big headache with my blood pressure surely rising higher.  Maybe I should check it out?  Hang on, that's not the problem - 127/72.   Usually it's around 177/89.  I've noticed though that it reads lower almost every time since using my new BP cuff I received at Christmas.  Nevertheless, something is wrong with the way I'm feeling at the moment.
Woke before 5 and now very weary but that isn't unusual either.  Oh well, you live and you die.

Today is brittle cold. The wind will cut you in two, feels like March. Snow was predicted again; didn't happen. The sun is shining these past few days but low temperatures, so I hibernate.  We'll see what comes, although I must get out by Friday.  Land tax deadline the 28th.  That's no problem as it was last week.  "Got Milk?"

No but Got Wheels!  Son came Sunday.  He checked the non-working window that I've coped with for almost two months.  Have you ever driven in winter with a wide-open window? Geez, it is awful.  I have been stranded for the most part. I drove in that condition twice, then taped plastic over the opening, so I was able to drive to the nearest $General store a couple of times.  Going to town for food was not a  choice. Surely I would have caused a wreck, being unable to see to my left.

Anyway, door panel off, motor working, window would come down easily but wouldn't raise back up.  A gear behind a metal piece is stripped. (Whooee, you should see the complicated inside of a car door.) He got the glass raised/closed by hand, so I'm good to go.  I got wheels!  Friday I will travel!  Having been stuck in this house for so long, can you imagine my excitement to go, go, go?   I'm ready teddy! Nothing so important left behind that it can't all wait until another tomorrow.  

I've kept busy daily since 13th of November constructing a small quilt for the great-grandson.  Finished last stitch and clipping 24th February.  It is only 39' x 60'.  Fool that I am, I had grand plans that first day for more quilts - several tops handmade over the years are waiting and much excess fabric lying around.  Good idea, yeah?  Well, my ideas are too overwhelming.   Handstitching is very slow, so if and when I start again on such a project is anybody's guess.  I've put hundreds of hours into the tiny quilt project.  Now my hands/fingers are giving me much pain.

Spring is coming and a million jobs will need my full attention.  The Cobs have been working hard building webs. Yegads.  

Books and movies have figured in this winter also.  Both borrowed at the library.  I'd heard of "Downton Abbey" but just the name, so had no idea what that was.  Then daughter brought a video of it, Season One.  That's all it took; I was HOOKED.  Love it!  Then Season Two was brought to me and today I have Season Three, just waiting for my pleasure tonight. 

Another movie I really liked is "The #1 Ladies Detective Agency".  Now I'm reading the book, which is a bit different than the movie.

I say I don't watch television and that is so.  Years ago though I watched Dallas; got hooked on it too; wouldn't miss  it for anything.  Same situation with Fugitive, a weekly television serial of 50 years ago, when there was only black and white tv - oh, how I loved that doctor.  I forget his name.  

I've also been reading Lee Child's books.  Crime/Thriller/Mystery types I quit reading 40 and more years ago but I'm into Child's with a passion.  This man can really create a tale.

With many chores to come, I must stop this whole dilly-dalliance soon though.  I only read at bedtime, so that dalliance shouldn't interfere in my plans too much.  I read fast  ...and forget very fast also.                              

Monday, February 24, 2014

Magnificent Closing Pictures and more

Regrettably, I was unable to watch any part of the Winter Olympics, although this series of pictures fixed the regret.  154 pictures here:

Magnificent.  No other word to describe them. They brought my tears of emotion.

I will surely have to watch the next one when China will be host.  Come 2018 my grand-niece, Hyaat Aldahwi, will be participating.  She will be 20 years of age then and eligible to perform in the Winter Olympics.  Today S Korea has a gleaming eye on her talents, although she is an American and lives in a southern state.  She has been invited there twice already.

Hyaat has been skating since age two, six days a week, along with all the other training regimens that is required when training for olympic status i.e. gymnastics, swimming along with other sports.

There are several videos on of her intensely hard climb to reach that case you would like to see them, type in her name.

I hope you enjoy the closing ceremony pictures as much as I did.  If wishes come true, I would wish her Papa, my brother, could see her perform.  Hmm, maybe he does; maybe he can.  Who knows for sure.

Oh Look, A brand- spankin' new baby!

 Makes me wanna dance seein' this baby bird.  An eagle bird, no less!
Go here to the live cam.

You won't regret it.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Do We Understand 'Plain English'

I came across this again after receiving in email a few days ago.  Decided it ought to be heard by others, like you.  If you disagree with my judgment in my decision or the young fellow's statements, all you have to do is hit Stop.  About 30 minutes of listening and well worth the time.

Health Insurance Reality Today

! ! !  &    ? ? ?

That's all I can utter. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sharing a Laugh

This quote deserves spotlighting, according to Sissy.  LOL

Women and cats will do as they please; men and dogs should relax and get used to it

Robert A. Heinlein

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ideals to Absorb, Actions to Emulate, Worldwide Horrors

Robert F. Kennedy, "On Courage.

To your left is Coyote Prime, posting on his website  http://www.running'causeIcan'tfly'.com  a most beautiful speech given by Robert Kennedy to the youth of South Africa, which made a deep impression on me.  It may do the same for you. Scroll down his list of recent posts.  He stays very busy informing us on matters that matter.  Nothing shy or silent about CP.

Even more impressive is the short video that possibly you have never seen; a brave young man stands up against the war machines (I viewed 17 tanks in a line) entering Tiananmen Square in June of 1989 -   Not that his action stopped the carnage/massacre that occurred; yet the man's move goes to show that we each have an opportunity to face oppression and wrongdoings if but we decide to do so and show the courage not to remain silent.  Silence in the face of a wrong is only another word for 'Agreement' or 'Cowardice'.  I can only imagine whether he died in his bravery to stand in front of the tank. Probably so.

Coyote Prime is a   Choctaw native American.  I'm certain he is aware of the injustices done to the native Americans far more than we, the intruders, ever will be.  His posts are published, hopefully to WAKE US UP!  Sadly, I feel the "many" are lingering in ignorance and apathy and with the attitude of  'Let George do it' - like 85% "many".

This past week I stopped at the local library to return books and decided to check out some videos.
I know zilch about movies, so being in a hurry, I pulled the 4 allowed each patron off the shelf at random.  One called "American Outrage" is a documentary of the Shoshone tribe in Nevada and Montana and features the Dann sisters, (do Google search) Mary and Carrie, who are/were ranchers and activists fighting against the great wrongs done against their tribe by the Powers-That-Be and in essence, each one of us because of our ignorance and apathy and cowardliness to speak out against the horrors perpetrated against all native American tribes and the many others unable to stand up against the Monster-Machines in power. The video is about an hour long, made by the husband/wife team named Gage.  My skin crawled, I chilled, I sobbed, my heart shattered once again. 

The invasive monstrosities are going on all over the world, yet we sit back in our comfort and remain mute! Play with our toys! and our mutters of  "What a shame". 

The documentary told of Mary Dann's death and most likely Carrie has passed on also by now.  Hopefully others,  just as strong minded, have taken up the crusade.  Our government offered these tribal landowners a measly approximately $26,000,000 for 24,000,000 acres many years ago.  The natives rejected the offer.  What has transpired since - I'm unaware.  I must begin to study about this outrage against humanity.  I too am shamefully guilty of silence, ignorance and apathy, although deep in my soul, there has always been a torn and ripped wound, clawing to scream out against all injustices.

There are many videos on regarding the horrors being done under the 'guise of legality'.  The evidence is plentiful and easy to be accessed.  When will we wake up?  When will we take a stand and say "No more!".

Also this week I read a report of Obama signing papers authorizing that homeowners in northwest Montana will be removed! Many thousands! All of them!  Our media doesn't report this.  Why? Well, it might raise the ire of righteous defenders.  It seems companies such as Monsanto with their GMO crops are fully taking over! Oil extraction, gold reclamation, water contamination, destroying the wild animals - What next?  Is there anything else left to destroy; all for the sake of the all mighty $$$$, under the Guise of Legality?

"Because a law is made doesn't necessarily mean it is right and moral".

" The Laws of the land are made by lawyers.  I trust no lawyer!